Choosing the Best Kid’s Wakeboard

Kids are naturally attracted to the thrill of learning how to perform tricks such as flips on a wakeboard, and enrolling your son or daughter in lessons allows them to build confidence by taking safe risks. Your kid will also benefit from having a fun way to exercise their body while spending time outside. Yet, choosing the right wakeboard is critical for your kid’s safety as well as their success. As you start shopping, use this guide to find the best kid’s wakeboard for their practice sessions.

Start with a Weight Chart

As a parent, you are used to shopping for your kid’s clothes and equipment by using their age and height. However, wakeboards are sized in accordance to a person’s weight. Weight charts are available from most wakeboard manufacturers, and they can serve as a starting point for choosing the right size board. For example, a child under 85 pounds will usually start with a smaller board that is about 119 centimeters in length. However, other circumstances may influence the size board you need so use these charts merely as a guide for where to begin when choosing a wakeboard.

Consider Your Kid’s Skill Level

Advanced wakeboarders may ignore the chart and choose a board that allows them to perform complicated tricks. For beginners, however, you will want to choose a board specifically made for kids that come with kid-sized boots. These boards tend to be slightly larger than advanced wakeboards and have more stability that is an asset when kids are still learning how to master balancing on the board. As they advance in their classes, you may then switch to a lighter board that they will find easier to use as they start to learn tricks.

Check Out the Graphics

While you are naturally focused on safety, you also don’t want to overlook the cool factor that makes your kid look forward to their practice sessions. Once you find the right sized board, see if you can find one in your son or daughter’s favorite color or with an image that represents their personality. It may seem silly, but having the coolest wakeboard serves as motivation for kids who love showing off their new skills to their family and friends.

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