Motivation – Do You Really Need It? How to Generate Your Own

Here is a delicate argument: Motivation.

There is a huge wave on the Internet about motivation pages, websites, speeches, videos, quotes and what ever can give you some meaning to move your butt.

There are many heroes out there and a big number of them are part of the history as great achievers. These heroes are seen as a reference point, someone to look up to and whoever they are you know that you have that little thing in common.

Some little thing to be related with. It’s like if you are looking at your life as a surrogate of your hero’s life and being able to do the same things and beyond, or maybe not.

But what exactly is “Motivation”?

In a few words: it’s something to push you to do something else.

You get up in the morning and go to work because you get money.

You get drunk because you think is fun.

You get lazy because you think you are tired.

Money, fun, tiredness are all motivations among others.

Motivation is the action to make you do the reaction.

If somebody slaps your face you have a motivation to give it back. Or you don’t give it back because your good heart (or fear) is a good motivation to stay cool.

It all depends in what you believe. Many quotes are very inspirational!

But, for example, when you are at work and you may take a peek on Facebook and someone may have posted something like:

“You can do it, if you believe you can” (Napoleon Hill) in that moment you say: “yes! I can do it!”.

But for some reasons you forget it after 10 minutes. Whatever you were supposed to do (losing weight, stop smoking, find a better job, get healthy, and so on).

Motivation is nothing without belief. Print this right into your brain, write it with a marker on the mirror of your bathroom so you can see it every morning.

You can read thousands of quotes, see millions of videos but if you don’t really believe any of those things and you forget them after few minutes they are just a time spending hobby. Time used just to give yourself the feeling of power and then get back into your warm nest of your daily habits.

So if you really want to change something in your life, the first question you may ask yourself should be: “Am I really sure I want to do it?” and deep in yourself you MUST know also “Why” do you want it.

That “Why” is your motivation.

Is that thing you need to remember EVERY SECOND from now on.

Every time you catch yourself thinking about something useless, you must have this “Why” ringing in your head to remind you what you really want.

See your life and your goals from an external point of view. Be your own best friend and watch yourself in your actions every moment and think about what would you tell to your best friend when is going out of track to reach his/her goals.

Practice Awareness and be alert on what is going on around you.

Quotes are made from people who achieved their goals. It’s their point of view as achievers.

You have to be in the position to SAY those quotes and not JUST HEAR them.

One quote to explain all of this could be:“BE the change you want to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi).

I mean, “BE” what you want to be. Don’t just DREAM it.

The first step toward your change is the most important motivation you need. You have to start being what you want to be.

Slowly start acting like you achieved it, feel like it, live like it and let it be part of you. Have it within you. KEEP it within you.

If you are driving a car, you keep your eyes on the road because if you are looking at something else you may not reach your destination right?

The only motivation you need is to be aware of your destination. The time and the difficulties to get there will be a part of the road trip and you don’t have to get stuck on those traps. Keep flowing.

Focus on your results and not much on how to get them. Just keep going and enjoy every moment of it. You may find yourself already there without even realizing it.

Focus on Yourself and Master your Life

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